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We are currently located in the foothills on the western side of the Tuscarora Mountain in central Pennsylvania. After many, many years of breeding quality dairy goats, especially Toggenburgs and LaManchas plus a few select Recorded Grades we moved in 1995 to our current location to fulfill our dream of setting up a commercial dairy and therefore allowing us to benefit from their quality production. We have slowly increased our herd size mostly from young stock. At present the percentage of does over five years of age is less than 30%. Even though there is a high percentage of 1st fresheners the rolling herd average is at 2000# and we currently maintain between 100 and 110 in lactation though the entire year. Our annual production estimate for year 2002 is 200,000# of milk.

After not having shown at the Nationals for 2 years (1995 due to location & 1996 due to construction here at the farm) we once again took 27 bred and owned does to the 1997 Nationals. We are proud to say that all but 5 made the cut and of those all but 3 made placings in the premiums. We ended up with Recorded Grade Reserve National Champion, first place LaMancha Senior Get of Sire and first place LaMancha Produce of Dam(with the same Produce for the fifth time at the National), Toggenburg Premier Sire(+*B Dairy Delight DDPW Phorsythe - co-owned with the Plummer family), Toggenburg Premier Exhibitor, Toggenburg Premier Breeder, Lifetime Production and Lifetime Fat in Recorded Grades and RUNNER-UP PREMIER BREEDER OF SHOW.

It became apparent in May of 1998 that we should make the effort to get to the Nationals in Minnesota. Although several Toggenburgs would not freshen out in time the LaManchas were showing a lot of promise. Extensive training of a part time helper and her cousin made it possible for us to be away from the dairy for the 10 days required in order to show at the Nationals. We entered 24 does of which one was scratched due to being sick. Of those shown 20 made the cut in the top 20 and of those 17 made the money in the top 12. We are most proud of the fact that we had both 1st and 2nd in the 3 yr. old LaManchas and 1st and 4th in the 5 yr. old LaManchas, and that our home bred 4th generation EX 3 yr. old GCH ROCKSPRING VIN DAFFY DANDELION 4*M EX93 BECAME THE 1998 LAMANCHA NATIONAL CHAMPION and RESERVE BEST UDDER. Rockspring also had 1ST LAMANCHA DAIRY HERD, 1ST BEST THREE FEMALES, 1ST AND 3RD SR. GET OF SIRE, PREMIER LAMANCHA EXHIBITOR, PREMIER SIRE, and LIFETIME BUTTERFAT IN RECORDED GRADES.

Although we would have liked to have attended the 1999 National we felt due to obligations here at home that we could not be away for 3 weeks straight. We instead focused on finishing GCH legs on some does, maintaining good milk production during one of the hottest summers in history, and letting our appraisal scores speak for the quality of the herd. ONE QUARTER OF THE MILKING HERD HAVE CURRENT OR FINAL EXCELLENT LA SCORES.

The year 2000 found us at the hot and sweaty N. C. Nationals. It was a very rewarding Nationals for the most part although several of our top does got sick including Dandelion. Even though Rockspring managed to top the 3, 5-6, and Aged doe classes in LaManchas, and bring home the RESERVE NATIONAL CHAMPION WITH HIGH LIFETIME MILK AND FAT, 1ST LAMANCHA DAIRY HERD, 1ST BEST THREE FEMALES, AND 1ST AND 4TH IN SR. GET OF SIRE. Our Toggenburgs placed respectably with the best 2 placings being the 3rd with 2nd mammary 4 yr. old and the 2nd with 1st mammary Aged doe. On the home front we are maintaining in lactation between 100 & 110 milkers , will be very close to the 200,000# mark in milk produced in 2000, and 25% of the milking herd with EXCELLENT LA SCORES.

Since we are breeding does to freshen the year around, it makes it difficult to send out a sales list showing all does that are bred to freshen. As a whole the majority of young stock are freshened from Sept. through Jan. along with many of the Toggenburgs. Toggenburgs hold into higher butterfat and greater volume of milk through the winter months. The majority of the older LaManchas are early or late spring or summer fresheners. Some exceptions are does that may be bred to freshen for the Nationals although we very successfully showed extended lactation does at the 1997, 1998,2000 and 2001 Nationals.


We show at a few local one day shows but find that with the number that we are milking that we have had to limit the number of shows that we attend and no longer attend week long fairs. In many cases appraisal scores will have to speak for the quality of animal as an individual animal even if she were of good show quality may not have been shown due to freshening at the wrong time of year.

We freshen the year around since we are also a commerical dairy and need winter milk. Therefore a price list other than what I am giving you here is kind of hard to do. Doe and buck kids are priced according to the following schedule. Contact us via E-mail for specific breedings and prices.
Out of first fresheners - $300 to $400.
Out of LA 82 to 84 - $300.
Out of LA 85 to 87 - $350 to $400 depending upon doe.
Out of LA 88 to 89 - $450 to $550 depending upon doe.
Out of LA 90 - $600 to $900 depending upon doe.
Out of LA91 - $700 to $1200 depending upon doe.
. Out of LA92 - $1000 to $1500 depending upon doe.

TO PLACE AN ORDER ON A KID WE ASK THAT YOU SEND A $100 or $200 DEPOSIT depending on price of kid above or below $500. We prefer that you make a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice when ordering. If you have questions regarding a breeding or pedigree please call at 814-259-3036 between 1 & 6 pm. We prefer calls to letters.


The Rockspring Herd first started with Toggenburgs in the late 1920’s while Margaret P. Jacob (nee: Paxson) was a student at Swarthmore College. She first kept them adjacent to her parents’ garage at their home in Swarthmore which was next to the college campus. Her first Toggenburgs came from the Sharwal herd near West Chester, Pennsylvania and were animals with imported animals still on their 3-generation pedigree. There were a few years after college when she did not have goats while working for the Friend’s Service Comittee in Kentucky and West Virginia aiding Appalachian farmers who were suffering the affects of the Depression. After marriage and the untimely death of her husband in 1946 she chose to take over the inherited 236 acre dairy farm in northern Chester County which had been run long distance by her husband after his father had passed away in the early ‘40s.It was there that she raised her three young children, Ann, Walter, and Charles. Besides the dairy cow operation she continued with a select group of Toggenburgs, some coming from her original stock and additions during the ‘40s and ‘50s from Mapine, Chimney Rock, Chikaming and Shagbark herds. It was in 1946 at the age of 6 that Ann started with her first goat, Lydia, the start of the Toggenburg L bloodline. In the late ‘50s the large farm and the dairy cow operation was sold and the family moved to a smaller farm where during the’late ‘50s and 60s she ran a commerical goat dairy producing milk for Pure Goat Products of Boyertown, Pennsylvania. It was in 1959 while a student at the Pennsylvania State University that Ann was able to pursuade Pennsylvania’s DHIR to allow dairy goats to also go on production test. During the ‘60s Rockspring had a Breed Leader Top-Ten Toggenburg and several others in the Top-Ten. It was in the early ‘60s that Rockspring became the second herd east of Wisconsin to acquire Lamanchas via Harvey Considine of stock mainly stemming from the Fay herd. They were selected in order to help increase the butterfat of the milk produced. They were then crossbred with American Toggenburgs. Those crosses are behind most of the present day quality Rockspring Lamanchas. A Nixon buck was added via the Spotlight sale as well as a K-Lou buck. William Wagoner of Pure Goat Products passed away in the ‘70s and within several years Mrs. Wagoner closed out the business. At that point the Rockspring herd was reduced to a smaller breeding herd but did maintain a raw milk license into the ‘80s. The majority of the showing of numerous GCH animals was mostly done by Ann and in the’90s the herdname was passed on to Ann although Margaret bred Rockspring animals that place at the National thru 1997. In 1983 Ann’s daughter Susan showed GCH Rockspring Tonka Ultra Violet 3*M EX90 to National Champion and also became the National Show Outstanding Youth Exhibitor that year. At that same National, GCH Rockspring Lynas Tremendous, was the 2nd place 4 yr. old Toggenburg and GCH Jenny Jump Rockspring Dixie was 2nd 2 yr. old Lamancha. 1988 found GCH Jenny Jump Rockspring Dixie *M EX92 going 2nd Aged Doe at the Nationals in Lamanchas and receiving the High Milk and Fat Production award. In 1993 Dixie’s daughter GCH Rockspring Pulsar Dixie Debra 2*M won Best Udder at the Nationals and in 1994 Rockspring DM Tolula Tolaroll was National Junior Champion. From here the herd moved to become a commerical dairy again and the current history reassumes under About Us above. Margaret passed away in Dec 1998 after having dairy goats for around 70 years. Ann’s children, Jim and Susan, who enjoyed many years of 4H involvement with dairy goats are both married and have families of their own. Susan was found showing some of the Rockspring Toggenburgs at the ‘97 Nationals.

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